AEB Systems

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Super Electric Cars
now with AEB System

AEB System, AEBs or Autonomous Emergency Braking system (also known as Advanced Emergency Braking system) is the safest braking system in the world. It employs state of the art  radar technology specifically designed for Automotive Radars or car radars and its primary function is to avoid collisions or mitigate the impact during critical situations by applying the brakes automatically. Most Road accidents are caused by drivers who applies inadequate, delayed or no brakes at all to avoid a collision. Some of the most common reasons why drivers fail to apply the brakes on time are distraction, inattentive, sleepiness, lack of concentration while driving, visibility, road surface quality, weather condition, time of day, sudden road obstructions from other motorist and environment, and including seizures/heart attacks. The AEB system is designed to function on different sets of road scenarios. First, it alerts the driver of existing obstacles in front of a car. If the driver fails to act on time to avoid a collision, the AEB system will automatically apply emergency brakes with different levels of force using its intelligent algorithm for speed, trajectory, momentum, and other factors to avoid  or at least lessen the impact of the collision. Some models will deploy or activate the restraint system ready for impact. The AEB system will disengage if the system detected that an action was taken to avoid the collision.

A series of new Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volvo, Honda, Ford, Volkswagen models have AEB system.




Explanation: AEB System for Safer Vehicles



DEMO: AEB System for Trucks and Buses


DEMO: AEB System for Cars

Planned: AEB System for Trams and Trains           

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